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Spotted provides rich evaluation of Hollywood talent, athletes, and endorsers, including risk assessment, personality analysis and Consumer Approval™ measurement.

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Spotted is a diamond-studded version of the usual data-research firm.


Why Spotted?

Spotted’s unparalleled research on celebrity talent drives our predictive models and advanced analysis. Specializing in rich personality and behavioral analytics, Spotted enables the world’s leading studios, networks, brands and sports franchises to make informed, data-driven decisions around the actors, endorsers and athletes they are hiring.

Spotted delivers robust assessment and predictive analysis on over 23,000 celebrities (from A-list actors and musicians to up-and-coming athletes and everything in between).

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How well do you know your talent?

  • Perception Analysis

    Do the individual’s perceived attributes match that of your project, brand or cast? Does the individual’s Consumer Approval™ meet your standards?
  • Risk Assessment

    Does this individual’s risk profile exceed your appetite for risk? What is the individual's likelihood to be involved in a risky incident?
  • Audience Distribution

    How does the talent’s audience compare to your target audience? What is the individual's recognition and appeal levels both in US and globally?
  • Momentum

    Is this individual on an upswing? Downswing? Staying steady? How might this affect your negotiations?

Why Now?

Every move a celebrity makes is immediately up for public consumption and amplified through social media. Because of this transparency, consumers are constantly evaluating the talent’s work, tone with the media, political leanings, personal and behavioral issues.

Entertainment companies, brands and sports teams have a greater need than ever before to assess the upside potential and downside risk of the public personas they are hiring.



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