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Use Data to Advise Celebrity Decision-Making and Campaign Planning

The largest creative agencies in the world are using Spotted’s data and research to power their client pitches, celebrity recommendations, and campaign strategies.

Brand & Celebrity Analysis

Uniquely leveraging brand attribution data, Spotted helps you identify celebrities who best embody the qualities and attributes of your brand clients and have audiences that best align with their target audiences.
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Our clients make us the shepherds of their celebrity budgets, but we were selecting celebrities based on a hunch or personal judgment. Spotted helps us approach those budgets with vigilance like we never could before.

VP Global Brand Strategy, Leading U.S. Creative Agency

Evaluate Clients’ Existing Celebrity Partners

Spotted helps your clients avoid brand risk by providing insight into whether or not their existing celebrity partners display high brand alignment and are resonating with target consumer audiences.

Provide Data-Driven Celebrity Recommendations

Spotted can help you provide clients with a comprehensive, data-driven list of recommended celebrity partners that will best resonate with target consumer audiences for endorsement, seasonal campaigns, and other partnership opportunities.


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