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Elevate Your Celebrity Endorsement Strategy

Using surface-level data to inform highly visible celebrity endorsement decisions will not yield strong results. Spotted’s proven methodology helps brands marry gut instinct and institutional knowledge to robust data and rich analytics.

See below for the 6 core components of the Spotted methodology.

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1. Consumer Approval

Consumer Approval scores celebrities on consumer perception of Recognition, Trustworthiness, Over-Exposure, Authenticity, and Personality Type.

2. Personality Match

Personality Match measures the scale at which consumers believe the celebrity embodies the personality and values of the brand.

3. Risk Assessment

Incorporating more than 20 risk factors, Risk Assessment measures how risky a brand’s celebrity partners are, including how recently the celebrity created risk, how likely they are to create risk, and how likely they are to recover from risk.
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Spotted analyzes more than 10,000 celebrities across film, TV, music, sports, lifestyle, and business categories. The platform analyzes more than 100 data points on each celebrity, helping brands maximize their celebrity ROI and reduce their risk.

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4. Audience Match

Audience Match measures the overlap between the brand’s online audience and the celebrity’s online audience in terms of age, gender, household income, and geographic location.

5. CelebScore

CelebScore measures the celebrity’s relevance as compared to more than 16,000 celebrities globally; search volumes, Wikipedia page views, momentum, and social growth are considered.

6. Momentum

Spotted’s Momentum score tracks 100+ metrics to identify celebrities who are seeing a lot of momentum and up-and-coming celebrities who are on the upswing.


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